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Welcome to my ...

Well these posts are going to be little nuggets of what is in my heart, mind, and soul. Not to get too deep but just kinda a glimpse of what goes on behind these "baby browns".

My goal is to post once a month beginning in 2020. However I may be posting sooner and eventually more frequently.

"What topics will you be writing about, Mario?" You ask.

I'm glad you asked.

I plan on writing about life in our industry from the perspective of a hairstylist, who also happens to be married to a hairstylist, and father of three living children.

This perspective may be the furthest from your own. Still there is one thing I have learned in my 45 years of shuffling on this earth. That is that life has a way of taking us to the most beautiful peaks of relationship, success, and growth. Only to then be proceeded by a Fail Army-esque blooper reel of the valleys that we all go through.

I hope you'll join me and we both can enjoy the thought that we are not the only one going through this! lol

¡Hasta la próxima!

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